Our Approach

Empire Media Partners business philosophy is based on one simple rule - maximize our return on investment dollars through strategic participation in only the most commercial and viable media ventures. We believe that a truly commercial, well-produced media project, produced or acquired for the right price and distributed into the right markets will all but guarantee the highest measurable level of financial success.

The media business generates billions of dollars globally, and like any business there is some level of risk. In media deals we believe that strategic risk can offer substantial rewards, and properly managed, most risk can be greatly minimized. The purpose of Empire Media Partners is to assemble and work with great talent for a great reward. The relationships of both our management and advisors will allow us to select only the best deals in Film, Television, Music, and Digital Media to generate maximum profits for the Empire Media Partners Fund and for our investors.

In a global 24 /7 news and media cycle we believe it is vital to entertain more than to educate. People get a constant stream of news, when they really want to attend movies, view television, and interact with media that will often allow them to escape the realities and stress of everyday life. In many cases they want to get away from whatever it is they must do and distract themselves to have a pleasurable experience.

The premise of "pleasurable escape" is quite simply the foundation on which most media investments are made. You need to look no further than the Walt Disney Company, as proof of concept - theme parks, television, feature films, music, interactive media, video games, the global distribution of numerous products and media - Disney does it all and they do it better than almost anybody in the business.

The management and advisors for Empire Media Partners are far and away some of the best in the business. We are focused, dedicated, and highly qualified to do what it takes to make smarter decisions that will minimize risk to make maximum profits for our investors.